About Us


Carmen & Lizzy is an acoustic duo out of Buffalo, NY. C&L was founded by cousins, Carmen O'Keefe and Lizzy Bassler in 2016. The duo grew up creating music together, developing a wide range of talents and passions that have come together to create an unparalleled sound.

C&L’s debut full-length album, Climate, was also released through Nonexistant Records on may 24, 2019.

This 10-song record expands upon the songwriting and sounds introduced in the duo’s 2017 debut EP, Where Are We Now? and features a number of songs that will likely be familiar to fans of their live performances, as well as plenty of surprises.

A continuing theme throughout Climate is change and the emotions and questioning that come along with growing up. The duo wrote these pieces over the course of a year as they look back on their childhoods in comparison to adulthood now. Many songs are inspired by feelings of their hometown and their similar upbringings.